Not Dead Yet, and Future Directions

Well, it’s been a little while since my last entry.  Let’s see if I can get everyone caught up:

  • Gigantor was finally calibrated, and actually managed to print a range of fairly decent models, though I decided to pick up a second printer to support the changes I needed to make on it: a Printrbot Junior v2.  In time that printer was sold off and then replaced with a Printrbot Simple Metal, and let me tell you: autocalibration is a wonderful thing.
  • Since most of Gigantor is actually fine, it’s been in mothballs waiting for that mysterious filament switching head to come to fruition, which hasn’t yet because…
  • I’ve been working with Mcor Technologies for a bit over a year now as their Service Engineer in the Americas!  It’s an interesting job, but it does require a lot of travel which eats into weeknights that could otherwise be used toward finishing off the filament switching head.

That’s the extremely short version of the events between the last post and now, which leads me to where I’ll be taking this Build Log in the future.  For one, it’s going to take on more of a portfolio format with large, discrete posts with images detailing the projects I’ve taken on.  The first of those will be an Open Source Syringe Pump I’m fabricating for my dad’s lab back home in Miami, and that should go up most likely by the end of the month.

Until Next Time,



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